Pre-K Prep Class

1 or 2 days program

The preschool age is the perfect window of opportunity for your child to follow the natural sequence of learning a second language, understanding, speaking, reading and writing. We believe children learn best through a multi-sensory, project-based approach. Our preschool class includes: messy and creative art, songs, story time, games, hands on projects and sensory learning activities. Also, mathematical problem solving, global studies, science, pre-writing and reading workshops. 

Contact us to find out about our early learning programs and how your child will fit right in.

Preschool class schedule:

♥ Mon. & Wed  (Drop off time since 9am)  

♥ Classes schedule 9:15am -12pm. 

♥ January 8th-June 22th 2018 

♥ Ages: 2-4 yrs. 

♥ Pre-K Prep Class (Monday, and/orWednesday)

  • 1 half day a week, $210.00 per month, or
  • 2 half day a week, $360.00 per month, 

♥ Also, 90 minutes classes available; 15 weeks $517.50

  (9:15-10:45) or (10:30-12:00) (Only Wednesday)

Our registration for the fall will be during this month. Our classes are small and tend to fill up fast!